Affordable Home Services for Seniors

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FREE 24/7 hotline & app

Your Seniors Concierge is there to take your request via phone or app 24/7. Call or text the hotline
at 1-833-410-4357.

No contract no obligation

You are free to make changes, pause or cancel your HMP at any time. If circumstances change you are free as a bird.

One reliable source

No more calling 10-15 people for help. No more scammers. One reliable, trusted, and insured source. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Helping seniors live longer at home

Our team of Home Pros provide exclusive home maintenance and management services

How we assist seniors

Custodia helps seniors live more enjoyable lives at home. We accomplish this by helping senior-focused organizations, seniors, and their families plan and access trusted information and affordable services they need to stay at home for the long term.

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